​​​How much does it cost to join Scouting? 
$32 covers your membership from September 2017 through December 2018.*

*The cost to join Scouting is $42 in certain parts of  Will, Grundy and Kankakee counties.

What is Boy's Life Magazine and do I have to have a subscription? 

Boys' Life Magazine subscription is encouraged but completely optional. The monthly publication covers topics of interest to Scouts of all ages. In each issue, you'll find camping-gear reviews, safety and survival tips, science experiments, stories about the great outdoors, video game tips, jokes, contests and more. There's even an online version with videos, movie trailers and more!

This site seems to be all about Cub Scouts. How do I sign up or learn more about a different Scouting program such as Boy Scouts or Venturing? 
You can sign up for Boy Scouts using our online Registration Form. Just be sure to indicate that you want to join Boy Scouts at the top of the form. To join Venturing units, visit and select Venturing before entering your zip code. 

I've got a bunch of questions. Can I contact a real human being? 

Absolutely! Visit our Contact Us page and send us your contact information. We'll get in touch right away. If you know your council, feel free to call us directly. No matter what, we'll connect you with a person who will answer any questions you may have. 

How do I know where to go on September 14th?  

Visit our Sign-up Locations page to see a list of participating schools. Can't find a location near you? Don't worry - just complete the Contact Us form and we'll reach out to help.

Can I register now or do I need to wait until September 14th?
You can sign up this very minute! First, locate a Cub Scout pack (local Scouting unit) you’re interested in joining by visiting and entering your zip code. The pack you join is up to you. (You can look for a pack sponsored by an organization you support (church, school PTA) or simply choose the one closest to your neighborhood.) Then, complete our online Registration Form with the unit you have selected and begin your Scouting adventure!

I see that if I sign up on September 14th I get a FREE rocket. Do I still get a rocket if I sign up online instead?  
Yes, anyone who registers online during our campaign will get a free rocket. You will pick up the rocket at your first pack meeting.

​​​​​My school/church/civic organization already has a Scouting unit.

Can't I just join that unit directly? 
Sure. If you know when they meet and want to sign-up there, you may do so. Joining online is easy and enables us to make the introduction to your new unit on your behalf. Feel free to join whichever way you prefer.


Frequently Asked Questions